Saturday, 7 May 2016

Traditional Tales On Stage Song

Come on to the stage,
We'll play traditional plays,
  Open your eyes,
All together,
  We'll perform better,
And now we go,
  From Croatia, Spain, Poland and Turkey.

This is all about we can say
We love people from everywhere
With the Conceited Little Rat
This is Erasmus plus.


Step 1

 We made an announcement in our school.


 Step 2

 We held a meeting to introduce the project and discuss the tasks of the students:

* Traditional Tale
* Modern Version-essay
* Script
* Performance
* Theatre Company
* Drama Festival
* Project Website
* Using Whatsapp
* Recording Videos
* Documenting All Events,etc...

 The list of the students who want to participate in the project:

1. Bartłomiej Prange I e
2. Kinga Hurylska I f
3. Zuzanna Dubas I e
4. Monika Hadryś I e
5. Sandra Jażdżyk I d
6. Dawid Gaj II a
7. Paulina Wlazła I a
8. Sebastian Siwik II f
9. Dominik Drożdżyński II f
10. Aneta Drab II a
11. Joanna Sztuka II a
12. Szymon Mostowy II f
13. Magdalena Biczysko II a
14. Alina Leman II a
15. Angelika Wójciak II a
16. Dominik Nowak I a
17. Eliza Jendrzycka I f
18. Julia Ciborska I c
19. Damian Tomaszczyk II f

 Step 3

Questions for the Audition

We asked the students some questions so that we could know our volunteers better.
Here are some examples:
* Why would you like to take part in the project?
* Would you like to accomodate a foreign student?Why?
* Would you like to visit another country?Why?
* What about your English?
* Do you like foreign languages?Why?
* Would you mind taking part in meetings with other students from other countries?
* What about your hobbies?
* What do you think about different religions?
* Have you ever taken part in a play?,etc...

Step 4


The students were asked to prepare role-playing dialogues to show their skills.

        Role plays for the audition:

1.You see a famous celebrity
2.You got a job as a chef and it is your first day at the restaurant.
3.A complaint.
4.Telephone conversation.
5.Going to the shop.
6.Argument between neighbours.
7.Booking at the hotel,etc...

        Role -plays evaluation card:

Step 5

The Tale

We chose Polish traditional tale " Świtezianka" by Adam Mickiewicz.

"The Nymph of Lake Switez"

Who is the lad so comely and young
  And who is the maid at his side
Who walk by the Switez blue waters, among
  The moonbeams that shine on its tide?
A basket of raspberries she holds out,
  He gives her a wreath for her hair;
The lad is her lover, beyond a doubt,
  And she is his sweetheart fair.
Never a night but at dusk they stand
  On the shore by the old larch tree;
The youth hunts here in the forest land,
  But the maiden is strange to me.
You may ask in vain whence she comes and where
  She vanishes: no one knows.

Like the crowfoot's moist bloom on the marsh, she is there -
  Like the will-o'-the-wisp, she goes.
"Beautiful maid whom I love so well,
  Wherefore this secrecy?
Where do your father and mother dwell,
  By what road do you come to me?
"Summer is over, the leaves grow brown,
  And the rains are about to break;
Must I always wait here till you wander down
  To the shore of this desolate lake?
"Will you range through the wood like a heedless roe,
  Forever a ghost in the night?
Stay rather with him who will love you so,
  With me, O my heart's delight!
"My cottage is near where the woodland trees
  Spread their sheltering branches thick;
There is plenty of milk, there is game when you please,
  And the fruit from the boughs to pick."
"Nay, have done, haughty stripling, my father's tales
  Have forewarned me against your art:
For the voice of a man is the nightingale's,
  But the fox's is his heart.

"And I have more fear of your treachery
  Than belief in your changing flame;
And were I to do what you ask of me
  Would you always remain the same?"
Then the youth knelt down and with sand in his palm
  He called on the powers of hell
He swore by the moon so holy and calm -
  Will he hold to his oath so well?
"I counsel you, hunter, to keep your oath
  And the promise that here you swore;
For woe to the man who shall break it, both
  While he lives and forevermore."
So saying, she places her wreath on his brow
  And, making no longer stay,
She has waved him good-by from afar and now
  She is over the field and away.

Vainly the hunter increases his speed
  For her fleetness outmatches his own;
She has vanished as light as the wind on the mead,
  He is left on the shore alone.
Alone he returns on the desolate ground
  Where the marshlands heave and quake
And the air is silent - the only sound
  When the dry twigs rustle and break.
He walks by the water with wandering tread,
  He searches with wandering eyes;
On a sudden the winds through the deepwood spread
  And the waters seethe and rise.
They rise and they swell and their depths divide-
  Oh, phantoms, seen only in dreams!
On the field of the Switez all silver-dyed
  A beautiful maiden gleams!
Her face like the petals of some pale rose
  That is sprinkled with morning dew;
Round her heavenly form her light dress blows
  Like a cloud of a misty hue.

"My handsome young stripling," so o'er and o'er
  Comes the maiden's tender croon,
"Oh, why do you walk on the desolate shore
  By the light of the shining moon?
"Why do you grieve for a wanton flirt
  Who has cozened you into her trap,
Who has turned your head and has brought you to hurt
  And who laughs at you now, mayhap?
"Oh, heed my soft words and my gentle glance,
  Sigh and be mournful no more,
But come to me here and together we'll dance
  On the water's crystal floor.
"You may sleep in the silvery depths at night
  On a couch in a mirrored tent
Upon water lilies soft and white,
  Amid visions of ravishment."
Her swan bosom gleams through her drapery,
  The hunter's glance modestly falls
As the maiden draws nearer him over the sea
  And "Come to me, come!" she calls.

Then winging her path on the breeze she sweeps
  In a rainbow arch away
And cutting the waves in the watery deeps
  She splashes the silver spray.
The youth follows after, then pauses once more,
  He would leap yet he still draws back;
And the damp wave goes rippling away from the shore,
  Luring him on in its track.
It lures caressingly over the sand
  Till his heart melts away in his breast,
As when a chaste maid softly presses the hand
  Of the youth whom she loves the best.
No longer he thinks of his own fair maid
  And the vow that he swore he would keep;
By another enchantress his senses are swayed
  And he runs to his death in the deep.
He hastens and gazes, he looks and he hastes,
  Till already the land is far;
He is carried away on the lake's broad wastes
  Where its midmost waters are.

Now his fingers clasp snowy-cool finger-tips,
  His eyes meet a beautiful face,
He presses his lips against rosy lips,
  And he circles through dancing space.
Then a little breeze whistled, a little cloud broke
  That had cast its deceiving shade,
And the youth knows the maid, now unhid by its cloak-
  'Tis his love of the woodland glade!
"Now where is my counsel and where is your oath
  And the vow so solemnly swore?
Oh, woe to the man who has broken it, both
  While he lives and forevermore!
"Not for you is the silvery whirlpool's cup
  Nor the gulfs where the clear sea lies,
But the harsh earth shall swallow your body up
  And the gravel shall put out your eyes.
"For a thousand years shall your spirit wait
  By the side of this witnessing tree,
And the fires of hell that never abate
  Shall burn you unceasingly."
He hears, and he walks with a wandering tread,
  He gazes with wandering eyes;
Then a hurricane out of the deepwood sped
  And the waters seethe and rise.
They seethe to their depths and the circling tide
  Of the whirlpool snatches them down
Through its open jaws as the seas divide:
  So the youth and the maiden drown.
And still when the lake waters foam and roar,
   And still in the moon's pale light,
Two shadows come flitting along the shore:
  The youth and the maiden bright.
She plays where the lake glitters sliver and clear,
  He groans by the old larch tree;
The youth hunted game in the forest here,
  But the maiden is strange to me.

-Adam Mickiewicz

Step 6


After the audition we chose the actor and the actresses for our traditional and modern version of our play.
Here is the list of their names:
 Classical version actors:
1. Julia Ciborska - The Girl
2. Dawid Gaj - The Hunter
3. Angelika Wójciak - Branch I, The Nymph
4. Magdalena Biczysko - Branch II
5. Alina Leman - Branch III
6. Aneta Drab - Branch IV
7. Paulina Wlazła - Branch V
Modern version actors:
1. Julia Ciborska - The Girl I
2. Dawid Gaj - The Boy
3. Angelika Wójciak - Girl II
4. Magdalena Biczysko - Girl III
5. Alina Leman - Girl IV
6. Aneta Drab - Girl V
7. Paulina Wlazła - The Supervisor

Step 7

Modern Version

The student who has successfully modernized the tale is Sebastian Siwik and students who were chosen to write the script are;
Julia Ciborska 
Dawid Gaj
Angelika Wójciak 
Magdalena Biczysko 
Alina Leman 
Aneta Drab 
Paulina Wlazła