Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Meeting in Croatia

Our adventure with Croatia began on 18th June, when our partners were in Poland. They got to know our families, friends, school and the town. We parted on 25th June, thankfully only for the duration of holidays, so we didn't have to wait too long to see each other again. On 22th September we said HELLO CROATIA! When we were going to Čakovec we were really stressed out, we were left wondering: WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE LIKE AFTER SUCH A LONG BREAK? However, we worried unnecessarily. We were greeted very enthusiastically. The first day there were surprises already waiting for us. We had a great time with our hosts' families and friends. We saw how schools in Croatia work, we watched the Croatian traditional tale "Scribor's Forest", we were at great parties, where we learnt to dance from the Spanish. We've met a lot of new people, who will be in our memory for a really long time after the project is over. Apart from the time spent with family and friends, we also had other attractions. We crossed the length and breadth of Croatia – from Čakovec in the north to Zadar in the south. The stunning coastal town was not the end of our trip. We also visited the National Park - Plitvice Lakes and the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. In addition to entertainment there were duties waiting for us. Country presentation - it sounds easy, but it required a lot of preparation. Fortunately, everything went great. On 29th September it was the time to return to Poland. So, GOODBYE CROATIA! Farewells are always sad, but this one was special. It was accompanied by tears and smiles. Saying, "See you" we didn't know if we'll actually see each other again, but we strongly believe that it will happen soon. In that country we spent the time which will forever remain in our memories. We met people who we love, despite such a short time spent together. But, as they say, it's not quantity that's important, but quality. And so it was in our case.

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